Mis Quince Anos

Mis Quince Años is an 11-week, integrated, and comprehensive program for males and young women in preparation for her debut as a Quinceañera, which is a 15th birthday celebration of her transition into adulthood typically involving a mass and a party.  

Girls, ages 14 to 15, participate in workshops related to etiquette, dance, health and fitness, swimming, self-defense, college preparation, personal development and service projects. 

Males, 13 and older, interested in participating as dance partners receive volunteer hours while learning formal dances, attending educational trips and workshops, and taking part in the final performance. If you are interested in applying, please complete the Mis Quince volunteer opportunity. 

The Mis Quinces Años program runs annually from September to December. Registration for the 2018 program is closed. For additional information, call 301-408-4336.