Tactical Urbanism

The Placemaking Section supports "tactical urbanism" in Prince George's County. Tactical urbanism is only one of many placemaking strategies. 

This approach uses short-term, low-cost, and small interventions to change places. Successful projects can expanded in or beyond a community. The Section collaborates with agencies and community members to implement community-led projects. These projects, which vary by neighborhood, address specific planning issues. Each initiative is a demonstration that should have immediate impact, and be sustained by the community. Successful projects can be repeated elsewhere or have other long-term impacts.

In each project, the Section considers:

  • the issue to be addressed;
  • who is impacted;
  • whether the community leads or supports the project; and
  • whether the community can manage the project on its own.

In each project, we work with:

  • community residents;
  • local businesses;
  • other Planning Department Sections;
  • County Councilmembers;
  • State and County agencies; and
  • community organizations.

We are working with the Better Block Foundation on placemaking projects across the County. Click on the link on the left toolbar to learn about this work.

Learn more about tactical urbanism from Street Plans.

Tactical Urbanism Example Hyattsville