Why does Park and Planning need to see my permit application anyway?

Section 27-255 of the Zoning Ordinance requires referral of most grading, building, general exterior, addition and use and occupancy permit applications to Park and Planning for review and recommendations as to requirements of the County Zoning Ordinance, County Subdivision Regulations, and the State Regional District Act (Article 28, Annotated Code of Maryland). Also reviewed is compliance with any conditions imposed in a zoning (including rezoning and Special Exception) or subdivision matter and conformance with any approved site plan applicable to the subject property. Section 27-597, likewise, requires referral to and review by Park and Planning of sign permit applications for conformance with the sign regulations of the Zoning Ordinance.

For more information please contact the Planning Information Service Office at 301-952-3195 or 3208

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6. Why does Park and Planning need to see my permit application anyway?
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